Monday, October 22, 2012

20 Best Twenty

Yay! I am pleased to announce that the official A Love Of Drawing Etsy shop is now featured on the website, 20 Best Twenty.  
"20 Best Twenty reveals the best designs, premier pieces, and unique products from independent makers across the globe. Our goal is simple – to feature the undiscovered items that are often lost in an age of chain retailers and commercial advertising. We celebrate inspired design, and unite original ideas with discerning consumers."

I am featured in the fourth row! Hope you stop by and check out the other amazing talent on the site!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Holiday Recipe Cards!

Today I launched my first series of Thanksgiving and holiday recipe cards on Etsy! I'm really excited about this new series because I am able to combine my love of design, illustration and food. Drawing food and ingredients is more fun then you would actually think.  I can't wait to share more cards with you in the coming weeks! 

These cards make wonderful gifts for the whole family! Write out your favorite recipes to pass down to friends, family and spouses. Cook a meal together with friends and use them as holiday party favors!

Cards are available in sets of Three and Nine on Etsy!

Set of White Recipe Cards
Thanksgiving brown Recipe Cards
Recipe Cards

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sneak Peek Friday!

Hi everyone and happy Friday! I have been working on a series of seasonal and holiday recipe cards which have been really exciting and fun to do. They will be available for purchase on Etsy this Monday, October 15. Until then have a look at a few test prints and let me know what you think. :) Have a great weekend!-Danielle

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Pumpkin!

A few facts about pumpkins: Who knew the pumpkin was so interesting! I didn't. I always just liked it for its shape and association with Halloween. While doing research about the origins of Halloween and the symbolism I came across a few interesting facts about the pumpkin.

-Pumpkins originated in Central America and contain over 30 different varieties.
-The ones we carve for Halloween are from
Connecticut. Also each pumpkin contains about 500 seeds which are a great source of protein for us.
-One serving of pumpkin is about .5 grams of fat! Not bad for something that taste so great!

So when you carve your pumpkin this year save those seeds! You can plant them for next year and grow your own pumpkins!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Happy October everyone! I really can't believe it. Summer went by in the blink of an eye :) I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather
Many of you know I started the A Love of Drawing greeting card division last week. It's a fun side business while I work on illustration promotions and other projects. I wanted to share with you my latest ideas. This morning on my way to work I did a few thumbnails for some recipe cards. I always wanted to combine my love of cooking with illustration and art. Drawing fruit, and pies and vegetables are more enjoyable then you would think. :) On my many trips to MGM at Walt Disney studios with the Dalvero Academy I always loved to draw the apples, oranges and lemons that lined Sunset Blvd. The place is screaming with fruit crate art. It's pretty amazing! Anyway I figured recipe cards was a great way to combine food and illustration! I hope you enjoy. Recipe cards will be coming out next week!-Danielle