Friday, December 21, 2012

Last weekend my husband and I took a trip up to Boston to visit my best friend, Sara. I've known Sara for about 10 years and she has become one of my best friends. I've also attended school with her and have worked with her on numerous illustration projects. We definitely have so much in common including our love of the holidays and most of all our love of CATS!

We are currently in the beginning phases of planning a fundraiser for an animal shelter.

While I was visiting her I got a chance to play with her all her little fuzzies! What an amazing little bunch they all are. And all their funny personalities are amazing. (More on this later)

Sara and I had a great time together and we got a chance to celebrate the holidays together by baking gingerbread cookies. Our husbands couldn't resist decorating them!:) And of course the little fuzzies helped! We used her moms recipe which we wrote down on the a love of drawing recipe cards! What a great time we had!

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Etsy Shop!

Dear Friends!

Since opening my shop in late September I have sold 87 cards!! I never expected that! This shop was honestly just something to do on the side for fun. I created a few cards last year and continued with Halloween cards in Augu

st just to see how it would do. I thought what the heck I love Halloween lets just have some fun. I was growing tired of doing self promotions, and updating my website all the time. I needed something else!

After a couple of days of working on a few cards I realized I just loved to do it. As the weeks went on in October and November I just began to illustrate like crazy and didn't really keep track of how much I was selling until I ran out of paper after buying three packs, and was going to the post office twice or three times a week. I began to think I should start treating this like a business and figure out what the goal will be! With the help of friends and a wonderful husband and sister I became much more organized and realized it could become a little business! The best part about it is that is fun and I get to involve my partner! So all of you out there who have a dream please do it! Put your heart and soul into it, and remember to thank those who have helped you.

Anyway guys I'm currently in the process of illustrating new cards for 2013. I would love your suggestions/help on any particular card themes or occasions that you would like to see in my shop. Please let me know! :) It would be great to here from you all.

Thank you everyone for all your help and support!

Happy Holidays!