Monday, October 1, 2012


Happy October everyone! I really can't believe it. Summer went by in the blink of an eye :) I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather
Many of you know I started the A Love of Drawing greeting card division last week. It's a fun side business while I work on illustration promotions and other projects. I wanted to share with you my latest ideas. This morning on my way to work I did a few thumbnails for some recipe cards. I always wanted to combine my love of cooking with illustration and art. Drawing fruit, and pies and vegetables are more enjoyable then you would think. :) On my many trips to MGM at Walt Disney studios with the Dalvero Academy I always loved to draw the apples, oranges and lemons that lined Sunset Blvd. The place is screaming with fruit crate art. It's pretty amazing! Anyway I figured recipe cards was a great way to combine food and illustration! I hope you enjoy. Recipe cards will be coming out next week!-Danielle


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