Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This Pumpkin Please

Today's featured card is,"Can we get this pumpkin please?" I remember my mom use to take me to the pumpkin farm every year and it was a pretty major deal for me that I picked the best pumpkin. It wasn't necessarily the largest one but the one I just couldn't leave without. I always tried to give the smaller ones a chance. :) When I think of illustrations for some of my cards  I think back to my childhood very often. Halloween was always one of my favorite times of year. I still get excited about pumpkin picking, apple cider and horror movies.
This card illustrates two sisters trying to decide on which pumpkin to get. The younger sister with her costume on already is trying to convince her older sister to get the little pumpkin. Her older sister wants the giant one that would be impossible to carry all the way home! Who wins? Who knows! Which one would you want?
This card is available on the official A Love Of Drawing Etsy shop!

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween


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