Saturday, August 14, 2010

Marie Antoinette and Versailles

I am officially nocturnal! The last few nights I haven't gotten to bed until about 430am. After flipping the channels for about an hour I started watching this old black and white movie about Marie Antoinette. I thought how fitting since I just returned from Paris and I was able to visit Versailles. I had an image in my head about Versailles before I went there. I thought wow gold and ornate and decorative. BUT NO!!! HaHa! Yes it was all those things but at the same time very oppressive. Still I thought how interesting it was to stand in a place where so much history took place. To me it had vibes. Very strong ones! While watching the movie I decided to do a few drawings of Marie. The thing I loved the most was her hair! I guess sometimes it's worth staying up late!-Danielle

Here is a drawing I did of Versailles during my visit to Paris.


  1. Wonderful drawings, Danielle. The emphasis on the hair expresses your fascination with it. The dress is equally interesting. Love them both! I really enjoy your expressive, free style.

  2. Thank you Kris! I'm glad you enjoy it!-danielle