Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Elements Of A Ship

This past Thursday I got a chance to reportage the Amistad. I was invited to sail aboard it from its voyage from Mystic Seaport to New London, CT.  I have drawn the outside of this ship on a few occasions but this time something new caught my eyes and I saw the ship in such a different way. The ropes, the hooks, the chains and the sails! The textures! The combination of these materials were amazing to draw. Here is one of the drawings from my three hour sail. -Danielle


  1. Beautiful! So glad you got this on your true adventure! :-)

  2. Hii. I just know about you by Urban Sketchers site.
    Fantastic! I like your draws. So, from tosay I will follow you.

    Ciao from Italy.

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you guys like it.-Danielle
    Thank you for following me Wawos!

  4. It's beautiful, Danielle! I love it!