Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day At the Beach

Last Friday I spent a much needed day at the beach! I just love the sand, the water and being out in the sun. There is something that is just so relaxing about it. I have very fond memories of the beach in general. From the days I spent as a kid at Martha's Vineyard and Florida.

As I sat on the sand trying to soak in the last few days of summer I saw two little girls screaming and running back and forth into the water. They were about six and seven years old. I noticed they were filling up their little beach buckets and running back to the sand to make a little castle. I couldn't help but smile and remember how I use to do the exact same thing. Making that sand castle as a kid was the goal of the beach!

I have a long way to go before retirement age, and I doubt I will ever retire but I'm thinking a warm climate with a beach! It just allows you to be a kid again!-Danielle
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  1. These figure sketches are wonderful, Danielle. They're full of energy and life and there's a little of Picasso's neo-classical nudes about them. Great stuff!