Friday, April 13, 2012

Museum Of African American History

Yesterday my family and I went to the Museum of African-American History in Detroit. I was completely fascinated by an exhibit they had called, "And Still We Rise."  I have never been blow away by such an amazing exhibit in all my life! I feel like I could make an entire career out of it with my art.  It told the story and journey of African-Americans from the very beginning of time.  It began with the story of how humans evolved from one single woman in Africa and ended with the election of President Barack Obama. To see the years of struggle,  the oppression and formation of a new culture was amazing to me. My brain was overstimulated. At one point in the exhibit we were able to walk through a recreated slave ship and experience the dark belly of the ship.  I have to say it was extremely creepy and I could feel the chills go up my spin.  I felt the same when I saw the shackles, and the examples of the whips they used to beat slaves. Sadness took over and I was almost in tears. I sat there wondering if I could have had the strength to make it through the Middle Passage journey.  I often think about this if I feel myself complaining that life is so hard. Some voyages took up to two months or longer.

During the next few weeks I will make a few more posts about my visit to the museum and post drawings from a project I am working on. I'm hoping to go back in about a week to do a few more drawings and finish a project I started. If you live in Detroit I suggest you take a visit. It is truly amazing!

Slave girl defeathering a chicken


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