Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A weekend with Cherry Blossoms

Last Friday I made a day trip down to Washington, DC with my sister to draw the cherry blossoms. I will not lie but I must admit these things were a challenge to draw!! As usual my determination set in. I knew I only had a certain number of hours so there was no time to second guess what I was drawing. I had to put it down and just live with it! DC had great weather. It was about 80 degrees and since it is April I really didn't think to bring sunscreen! (haha big mistake) My sister and I left on a 7am train from NYC got to DC at 9:45am and we grabbed something quick to eat and went on our separate ways! It was great! My fingers have been itching for a while for something different to draw and this was the perfect opportunity. While I was there I couldn't resist to make a few drawings of the US Capitol Building. That beautiful dome shape always catches my eye! I left DC that night on a 730pm train sunburned and exhausted but extremely happy!
I also got a chance to draw the Cherry Blossoms at the Bronx Botanical Gardens on Saturday! It was a weekend spent with pink!

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