Behind A Love Of Drawing

A Love Of Drawing is a company that specializes in hand drawn paper goods, and home decor. Each card is individually illustrated, designed and crafted with a touch a love. With Karel , and our furbaby Gabby, working as my accountant, supplier, and creative consultant we work side by side in our small studio as he informs me about better paper deals, how to increase my profits, and better ways to market my business. I thumbnail out new cards, go to the museum  do tons of reading, spill watercolors all over and show him new designs. We just work well together which is a blessing. 

As a kid I drew all the time and would often draw things for classmates and family members. After attending college and a specialty drawing school called the Dalvero Academy both my art and creative perspective evolved. In addition to my freelance illustration career I knew I wanted to create personal things that would make people smile, laugh and just feel better about life. I soon found myself creating custom drawings, cards, and illustrating poems and books for people when it was their birthday or if they were going through a hard time. That was my clue about what I should do.

The idea of creating my own greeting card company that would also consist of other specialty items was floating around in the back of my head for years. I thought back to how wonderful I felt when my drawings helped people smile or cheered them up. I also thought about my own culture. I really wanted to create a line of African-American cards because I was seeing such a lack of them.

It all started in December of 2011. When I decided to do a few Christmas Cards. I couldn't believe the joy and excitement I felt while I was doing them and when I made my first sale! I soon found myself going to the post office about three times a week to mail another order out. I soon spoke it over with my husband and said I think this might end up being bigger then I thought!  The best part was I knew I had found something that I really loved doing. This was the company I was meant to create. I had found it!

With my husbands unlimited support, my sisters creative eye, friends, and my little cat, Gabby Girl, my shop has been able to grow!

Have a great day!
Danielle C. McManus-Sladek